Splish, Splash, and Floating Fun: Your Guide to River Games

Nothing beats summertime fun than the excitement of river games. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing float or a day filled with laughter, there’s something for everyone on Elk River in Southwest Missouri’s McDonald County. Let’s explore the top river games that will make your summer unforgettable.

Floating Fun

Floating down a lazy river is the epitome of relaxation. Come rent a river raft for 6 to 8 people and let the gentle current carry you away.

Feel the sun on your skin and the cool water beneath you as you peacefully drift along. For the ultimate floating experience, remember to bring some refreshing beverages and snacks.

But as a bonus, you can include these fun river games for your time on the river:

  • Duck Wars
  • Adventure Bocce Ball
  • Kubb, a Viking Game

Duck Wars

If you want to spice up your river adventure, duck wars are a must-try. After you’ve set off on your river float, you can engage in friendly water battles with friends in other boats.

Use water blasters to claim victory. Duck wars add an element of excitement and laughter to your river rafting escapades.

Adventure Bocce Ball

Adventure bocce ball is the answer for those seeking a more strategic and competitive river game. The twist on this classic game brings it to the water’s edge.

Test your aim and precision as you toss bocce balls onto designated targets floating in the river. It’s a challenging yet enjoyable game that will entertain you for hours.

Kubb, a Viking Game

The game of Kubb is an ancient Viking outdoor tradition originating in Scandinavia. It’s a game you and your friends can play year-round. The object of the game is to knock over wooden blocks, known as kubbs, by throwing batons at them.

The opposing team then has to throw the knocked-over kubbs onto the opponent’s side of the field, and the game continues until one team successfully knocks over the king block in the center. In this ancient and thrilling game, it requires skill and precision to emerge victorious.

River Games Add to Your Experience at Lazy Days Resort

River games offer a fantastic way to make the most of your summer adventures. Whether you prefer a relaxing float, friendly activities, thrilling battles, or strategic games, there’s a river game for everyone. So grab your river games, river gear, and college friends to dive into the excitement this season at Lazy Days Resort in Noel, Missouri.