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Are You Ready for Spring Floating Season on Elk River?

Lazy Days Campground is Your Gateway to Elk River

Lazy Days is situated just off Highway H and about a half-mile from I-49, allowing easy access to Elk River. We’re located just between the river towns of Noel and Pineville, Missouri. With two beaches and views of Elk River from the whole campground, Lazy Days provides unmatched access to the river! We offer multiple float trips and all the gear you need for your day on the water.

Lazy Days Float Trips

Elk River 7.5 mile (offered every day)

Six person raft $150

8person raft $200

Canoe $50/two people  $70/three people

Kayak $30/one person

Kayak $60/two person

Big Sugar Creek 6 mile (only offered on weekdays)

No rafts

Canoes $50/two people $70/three people

Kayak $30/one person

Kayak $60/two person

Little Sugar 3 mile (only offered on weekdays)

No rafts

Canoes $50/two people $70/three people

Kayak $30/one person

Kayak $60/two person

Fishing on Elk River

Elk River runs through McDonald County, Missouri before entering Oklahoma and Grand Lake. If you want to fish Elk River from one of Lazy Days’ floats, you will need a Missouri fishing permit.

What Kinds of Fish Can I Catch on Elk River?

Elk River is a popular smallmouth bass stream. But take heed that you only keep smallmouth 15 inches in length or greater, as that is the regulation set by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Elk River is host to a wide variety of fish species, and no matter what type of fishing you enjoy, the river has something to offer you. The following fishes are all common to Elk River, though some are more common in certain stretches of the river than others:

  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Rock Bass
  • Largemouth Bass
  • White Striped Bass
  • Channel Catfish
  • Bluegill
  • Crappie
  • Drum

Reserve Your Elk River Float Today!

We hope to see you on the river soon! You can book your float here. It’s best to book early before your preferred dates fill up.

Feeling Adventurous? Checkout this Treehouse Cabin on Elk River

Are you looking for the perfect river gateway? Elk River is the perfect place to escape with some friends and family, have a few beers, and enjoy some time away from the office. And, what better way to enjoy the river than with a truly unique stay?

Treehouse Cabin on Elk River

One of our most novel and picturesque stays at Lazy Days Campground is Cabin 17, also known as the treehouse cabin. If you want views of Elk River, this cabin has them. The Treehouse Cabin features a main cabin perched high with second-story views and a bedroom treehouse connected by an enchanting rope bridge! And all of this overlooking a gentle bend in scenic Elk River!

Treehouse Cabin Amenities

Cabin 17 is stacked with features to make your Elk River vacation a delight! This cabin has:

  • Two bathrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Wifi
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee pot
  • Full-size stove
  • Kitchen
  • Two-person shower
  • AND two Smart TVs!

Reserve Cabin 17 While It’s Still Available!

As one of our most popular stays, the Treehouse Cabin tends to get booked quickly. If you want to stay in the treehouse, it’s better to reserve sooner rather than later. As we get closer to spring, vacation booking season is ramping up! 

Reserve the Treehouse Cabin Today!

Where is Lazy Days Campground Located?

Lazy Days Campground sits along the beautiful Elk River, between Pineville and Noel, Missouri. Our campground is easily accessible from I-49, as it is only a mile or so off the highway! Our convenient location makes it a perfect gateway for vacationers all around the four states!

This Elk River Cabin Has Space for 30 People!

Are you looking for a perfect getaway for a large group? At Lazy Days Campground, we have something perfect! Cabin 4 at Lazy Days has room to accommodate 30 people!

Cabin 4 Features 15 Bedrooms

As our largest offering, Cabin 4 offers guests the use of 15 bedrooms. Each room is nicely furnished with a full bed!

Large Living Room

An unbeatable feature of Cabin 4 is its large living room. The family room includes a large Smart TV with wireless internet and a luxurious couch with room to seat six people! The sofa even has drink holders!

Laundry Room

One of the most desirable features of this cabin is its laundry room! When you have a big group, it’s especially beneficial to have access to a washer and dryer. That way, you can throw those swim trucks straight in the wash after a nice day at the river!

Large Kitchen

What is better than a nice cabin down by the river? A nice cabin with a big kitchen! Enjoy cooking big family emails in this kitchen which is fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, and a coffee pot.

Plenty of Outdoor Space

Cabin 4 offers two porches! Enjoy comfortable outdoor space complete with a grill and free access to all the sunsets you want. So, bring your beer cooler, invite some friends, and enjoy a getaway to Elk River! 

Access to Elk River

As with all the rental properties and campsites at Lazy Days, you have full access to Elk River. We have two beach areas in the campground and float trips available on Elk River, Big Sugar Creek, and Little Sugar Creek.

About Elk River

Elk River meanders its way through McDonald Country, Missouri and passes the towns of Pineville and Noel on its way to the Oklahoma state line where it reaches Grand Lake. The river is a favorite river for floating, due to its scenic views, large sandbars, clear channel, and EXCELLENT fishing. 

Reserve Cabin 4 Now!

Our Kayaks Are Ready for Spring Floating and Brightening Up Winter Too!

It may be winter now, but we’re busy prepping for the longer warm days of spring and enjoyable floats on Elk River at Lazy Days. And, as an added benefit, our bright orange kayaks make it a little sunnier during these cold months. It won’t be long now before they’re put to good use floating our guests down Elk River, Big Sugar Creek, and Little Sugar Creek. We hope you’ll join us!

Float Elk River at Lazy Days Campground!

This is your invitation to a convenient, relaxing, and affordable float in Noel, MO. We are located just off I-49… far enough to be away from the noise of the highway, but close enough to make us ideal for a day trip. At Lazy Days Campground, we offer floats of varying distances on Elk River, Big Sugar Creek, and Little Sugar Creek.

We Take Care Of Everything

All you need to do to enjoy a day on the river is reserve a float (2022 rates listed below) and drive yourself to Lazy Days Campground. We take care of the rest. Once you’re here, we’ll outfit you with all the equipment you need: life jackets, paddles, canoes, rafts, kayaks. Simply choose which type of boat you would like to use when you reserve your float trip. 

Lazy Days 2022 Float Trip Rates

Elk River 7.5 miles offered every day

Six person raft $150
Eight person raft $200
Canoe $50/two people  $70/three people
Kayak $30/one person
Kayak $60/two person

Big Sugar 6 mile only offered on weekdays

No rafts
Canoes $50/two people $70/three people
Kayak $30/one person
Kayak $60/two person

Little Sugar 3 miles offered on weekdays

No rafts
Canoes $50/two people $70/three people
Kayak $30/one person
Kayak $60/two person

Reserve Your Spring or Summer Float Trip Now

Reserving a float trip at Lazy Days has never been easier. You can easily choose your float and book it with our new website. It’s also just as easy to make it a weekend by reserving one of our beautiful cabins or campsites. We hope to see you soon!

Reserve Your Elk River Float Trip Now!