Treehouse Cabin (Cabin 17)

Cabin 17 will elevate your experience of Elk River! This majestic cabin is perched above the rest of Lazy Days, with the main cabin on a second story. The treehouse is connected to the main cabin via a suspension bridge. And, when we say treehouse, we do mean treehouse. The treehouse is outfitted as a bedroom for an amazing cabin stay!

Besides the treehouse, this cabin has much more to offer! The interior walls are clad with light-toned wood paneling for a genuine cabin feel with a modern spin. This perfect cabin has five bedrooms, making it an enjoyable stay for up to 12 people. Cabin 17 has a nice kitchen with a full-size stove, fridge, & coffee pot! Plus, this cabin has two TVs to accommodate the interests of bigger groups!

Price: $500 per night